How do I actually know my student-athlete is being recruited?

When it comes to being recruited by college coaches, ongoing activity really tells the story. And it’s quite transparent, too. When you’re on coaches’ radars, you know it. And when you aren’t, then it’s equally clear.

That said, most parents of college-bound athletes are experiencing this journey for the first time, which is why our topic today is such a frequently asked question.

How can you honestly know for sure that college coaches are truly interested in your child?

Obviously, if your athlete is receiving scholarship offers in their sophomore or junior year of high school (or earlier nowadays), then you don’t need to be an expert to know your child is high on coaches’ recruiting boards.

But what about the far less obvious signs? How can we, as parents, confirm things are moving in the right direction?

Here are five (5) things that will likely occur if your student-athlete is a legitimate scholarship-level recruit.

S/He will have regular contact with many college coaches.

Of course, the numbers vary by sport, the athlete’s grad year, and the caliber of prospect your child happens to be. But if your athlete is receiving “interest” from 30 or more college programs, then you’re on the right track and in a very good position.

The correspondence from college coaches is at a “different” level.

Sure, any athlete receiving interest from 30+ college programs sees their fair share of intro emails, camp invitations and mass mailers. That’s part of the process. But college coaches still make it a point to stand out from the pack when your child is a priority to them. Hand-written notes in the mail, creative artwork portraying your athlete in that school’s uniform, private messages on social media, personal text messages… these are things college programs do when they want to get your undivided attention.

Your athlete’s high school and/or club coaches are getting phone calls from college coaches who want to talk specifically about your athlete.

This is part of college coaches’ due diligence. It’s part of their evaluation process. They’re doing their legwork on you and often a call to your coach can be helpful. Your coach may even be the messenger, too. If that college coach wants to speak with you before they’re allowed to call you directly, then your HS/club coach may serve as the go-between. Remember, it’s perfectly fine to pick up the phone and call college coaches. And the only way you may know a recruiter wants to speak with you is by hearing it from your current HS/club coach.

College coaches arrive early to see you play.

If you show up at a showcase tournament and 30+ college coaches are standing on the sidelines before game time – and they’re all there to watch YOUR child – then yes, your athlete is a high-priority prospect.

College coaches are following your athlete on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram.

There are fewer restrictions surrounding social media, and coaches nationwide are jumping on the bandwagon, too. This is an easy way for coaches to engage your athlete and demonstrate interest in them. Some athletes are followed and/or liked by hundreds of college coaches. That’s typically is not the case for most recruits and again several variables impact the outcome, but if your athlete is being followed or liked by 30+ college programs, then that’s a good sign.

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Stay proactive!

Rex Grayner
Rex Grayner, SAS President

Rex Grayner

As a published author, public speaker and radio/television guest, Rex is widely considered among the nation’s premier authorities on college athletic recruiting.

Before founding Student-Athlete Showcase LLC in 2003, Rex served as a NCAA Division I Compliance Representative and VP of West Coast Operations for a large college recruiting firm. In 2008, Rex was honored with the prestigious “Forty Under 40” award by the Denver Business Journal.


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