ATHLETE MARKETING: Using multiple "touchpoints" in college recruiting

Are you familiar with the term touchpoint?

In business, touchpoints are ways that a brand interacts with prospective customers. Touchpoints allow customers to have experiences every time they “touch’ any part of that product, service or brand, across multiple channels and at various points in time. And the goal of the touchpoint is to create opportunity for the buyer to choose their brand over another competitor.

What does all this mean for you as a prospective college athlete?

Well, if you are the product and college coaches are the consumers, then you must incorporate multiple touchpoints in your marketing strategy in order to sell your product to many customers. Make sense?

See, touchpoints are a collection of assets working in concert to help you engage your customers (coaches) and stand out from your competition (other prospects). In other words, the stronger your marketing strategy, the more college coaches will view you as a solution to their problem.

Here’s a list of key touchpoints in an effective athlete marketing strategy. How many of these are you incorporating in your college recruitment?

-Recruiting website Skills & Game Video (film) -Back & forth email communication -Social media connections -Phone communication -Showcases / Prospect Camps -In-person visits -Prospect Watch lists

Each of these touchpoints is a communication channel that you can and should be incorporating in your college marketing strategy. The more of these assets you have working for you, then the more coaches will experience your “brand” and the more opportunities you will create for yourself. It’s really that simple.

Not sure where to start? Contact us today for a free consultation and our team will show you and your parents an effective athlete marketing strategy that addresses all of the above touchpoints.

Stay Proactive!

Rex Grayner
Rex Grayner, SAS President

Rex Grayner

As a published author, public speaker and radio/television guest, Rex is widely considered among the nation’s premier authorities on college athletic recruiting.

Before founding Student-Athlete Showcase LLC in 2003, Rex served as a NCAA Division I Compliance Representative and VP of West Coast Operations for a large college recruiting firm. In 2008, Rex was honored with the prestigious “Forty Under 40” award by the Denver Business Journal.


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