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The secret to our winning formula


When it comes to getting recruited by college coaches, most services complicate things.


The truth is, opportunities are NOT created by fancy bells and whistles. You can have the the latest and greatest technology and your coach may even have some strong connections, too. 


But at the end of the day, your ability to create real athletic scholarship opportunities comes down to two clear, unequivocal factors:


Communications and Evaluations.


Without these two simple ingredients, your college opportunities will be drastically limited.


Which is why most college recruiting services out there fail miserably to move the interest needle. At SAS, we focus on what really matters: getting you communicating with college coaches and making sure coaches are evaluating you.


And when you add in years of expertise, ongoing personal guidance and invaluable content to the mix, then you have a formula unmatched by any other system.   

billed 1x + option to renew after final campaign


billed 1x + option to renew after final campaign



billed 1x + option to renew

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