NAIA Bonus Pack

Interested in playing at an NAIA college/university? Here is a collection of tools to help you learn everything there is to know about preparing to compete at the NAIA level. 

naia guide for the college bound student athlete

What you need to know about the NAIA and competing for an NAIA college or university.

naia eligibility center

Do you want to play at an NAIA college or university? You must first register at the NAIA Eligibility Center. 


Complete this checklist to get in the game!

naia schools by conference map

Up close look at NAIA member schools and where they are located.

naia financial aid & scholarship limits

Financial aid information and a breakdown of NAIA scholarship limits by sport.

Need to book a college strategy session?

As a special member of the SAS family, you have access to private coaching from SAS Founder, Rex Grayner. Take advantage of his 20+ years of college recruiting experience by reserving a consultation on his personal calendar today!

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