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 Your program spread the word about Natasha and gave her a ton of confidence in how she spoke with coaches and handled the complexities of getting in front of her desired colleges. We appreciate the many phone calls where SAS took the time to explain things and what we should be doing with the coaches’ responses. In addition, SAS has an outstanding follow up system in place which provided us many useful tips on what to expect. That valuable content gave us starting points to talk with Natasha about her goals and what she needed to do to reach them. Thank you again for all your support and help with this incredible process. SAS played a major role in Natasha’s scholarship to UCLA. We will recommend Student-Athlete Showcase whenever we can.




When I met with Rex in January I was at a point where I was not sure what to do any longer. Brenden was playing at a very high level, yet it was hard to get much serious interest. Through SAS, we interacted in some way with over 130 colleges at all levels. Thank you for your services. It really did create more options than we could ever have imagined. We are grateful that Brenden will have the opportunity to play the game he loves in college while getting a private school education virtually paid for. Thank you!




The more we did this on our own, the more we were missing out. We didn’t know how to connect Anya with the right college coaches. The SAS program is very personalized and very diligent. Within a couple hours of launching Anya’s first marketing campaign, she started receiving strong interest from college coaches nationwide. Having that level of interest was a huge confidence boost for her. With SAS, you see where you fit in. You have lots of schools you’re talking to. It’s an outstanding program and we highly recommend them.



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