Join our team! We are accepting applications for the following position:

Enrollment Coach


I am looking for several heart-centered enrollment coaches who have successful experience in conducting strategy sessions (via phone or Zoom) to enroll clients into the right-fit program.


If you view the enrollment conversation as a powerful conversation to help someone bridge the gap from where they are to where they want to be, rather than a sales conversation, and you have a proven history of sales/enrollment success, you may be who I’m looking for!


The SAS Enrollment Coach will provide valuable and transformational coaching sessions to fill our programs with ideal clients. This may be the perfect position for you if you are great at INSPIRING others to take immediate action to get the help they need.


Part of being a great enrollment coach is being able to communicate and coach someone through their challenges and inspire them to take action despite their fears or roadblocks. Is this you?


If you have any experience in college athletics, athletic coaching, personal growth, business coaching or online marketing, this is a plus.


We are looking for specific qualities in our next team of Enrollment Coaches.


  • You need to have a desire to make a difference and impact peoples’ lives, especially young men and women who aspire to compete at the college level.


  • You need to be a great listener, fast learner and be willing to jump on Zoom video calls to hold multiple strategy sessions per week. YES, you can work from anywhere you like! But this position is performance-based so you must not be afraid to work hard.


  • If you're NOT comfortable talking to people, flushing out objections and working to make a difference, then this isn't for you.  


  • You must be a great communicator, not only with prospective clients, but with SAS teammates.


  • If you are only able to dedicate 5-10 hours a week to this position, then this isn’t the right match.


  • You must be able to generate prospects (leads) in your immediate community. Yes, SAS will furnish you with company-generated leads if you are consistently enrolling new clients onto the program. But if you’d rather sit back and wait for leads to be given to you instead of working to fill your pipeline with local prospects, then this job is not for you.


  • We want someone that can enroll clients on the phone in just one or two calls. If you have experience enrolling $1,000-2,000 programs (high-ticket clients), that is a plus.


  • You must be willing and hungry to study our services and content so you fully understand what we offer, and be able to confidently mirror the language to best serve our clients by enrolling them onto our programs during strategy sessions.



How to Apply


  1. Create a VIDEO answering the five (5) questions below. Resumes are welcome, but a video is a MUST. You will be disqualified without a video submission.

  2. Your video must be a maximum of 5 minutes, no longer.  Longer videos will not be viewed.

  3. Send the link for your video (if Youtube, make sure it is set as “unlisted”) to Rex at (Do not attach a video file – it will not be opened).

  4. Fill in the Subject of your email with the position title you are applying for: SAS Enrollment Coach Application

  5. Please Note: Due to volume of applicants, we may not acknowledge receipt of your application or reply quickly to your questions.  If you are a candidate, we will contact you for an interview within 1 week of your email application receipt.



For the SAS Enrollment Coach Position, please answer the following five (5) questions in your video application:

  1. To be a successful enrollment coach for SAS, you must be willing to share your unique “story” with people. First, briefly tell us who you are and why this position excited you. Then, briefly share your unique story and explain how your story can inspire parents and athletes to take action with SAS.

  2. What is your experience in any of the following areas: coaching, sales, enrollment, and online marketing?

  3. What is a common objection you get when selling or enrolling someone, and how do you handle the objection?

  4. If you are selected to serve SAS as an Enrollment Coach, tell us how you will go about prospecting and lead generating in your community to conduct strategy sessions with families.

  5. What is your biggest fear or challenge in sales?  (Note: EVERYONE is challenged by something in sales, so if your answer is “nothing,” then please know you will likely be disqualified.)   




I look forward to your video submission to consider you for a spot in the SAS family!




Rex Grayner

SAS President


Last Updated: June 18, 2020