My College Recruiting Playbook

Last Revision: May 1, 2019

playbook ch1.jpg

chapter 1: playbook overview

  • Welcome to the Showcase

  • Everyone's role in the college recruiting process

  • 8 Keys to College Recruiting Success

playbook ch2.jpg

chapter 2: introduction to recruiting

  • Realities of College Recruiting

  • Offers are Made Early

  • Probability of Competing in College

  • Sports Sponsorship Summary

  • Head Count vs. Equivalency Sports

  • Sport by Sport Scholarship Allotment

playbook ch3.jpg

chapter 3: important dates & timelines

  • Summary of Recruiting Calendars

  • National Letter of Intent (NLI) Signing Dates

  • Recruiting Timeline Grades 9-12

playbook ch4.jpg

chapter 4: executing my gameplan

  • Types of Recruiting Contacts

  • College Correspondence System

  • Tips for Replying to College Coaches

  • Managing Your College Contacts

  • Phone Calls from College Coaches

  • Questions to Ask College Coaches

playbook ch5.jpg

chapter 5: academic certification & eligibility

  • NCAA Eligibility & Registration

  • Division I Academic Requirements

  • Division II Academic Requirements

  • Core Courses and GPA

  • Division I-II Academic Worksheets

  • Eligibility Registration Checklist

  • NAIA Eligibility & Registration

playbook ch6.jpg

chapter 6: staying on the track to success

  • Asking the Tough Questions

  • Getting the Most Out of a College Visit

  • Official vs. Unofficial College Visits

  • Campus Visit Checklist

  • College Appraisal Checklist

  • What Makes a Good Scholarship Offer?

playbook ch7.jpg

chapter 7: FINISH STRONG!

  • Coordinating the Application Process

  • 5 Financial Aid Facts Your Need to Know

  • The Real Cost of Attending College

  • Early Action vs. Early Decision

playbook ch8.jpg

chapter 8: recruiting toolbox

  • Important Recruiting Terms

  • Opportunity Comparison Chart

  • Ivy League Academic Index Calculator

  • Red Shirt vs. Grey Shirt