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4 Simple Tools to Help Unlock

Athletic Scholarships

Not sure how to leverage college athletic scholarships?


Follow these 4 simple & proven hacks that any high school athlete or college transfer can do to unlock and maximize their college athletic scholarship opportunities.

Learn How To Unlock Athletic

Scholarships to Help Pay for College.

No credit card required, no software to install.

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7 million high school athletes will compete for 180,000 athletic scholarships this year.

Yes, the numbers look bleak.

2.5% is not very encouraging.

But here's the good news...


Not many people know about these 4 simple hacks that are proven to unlock tens of thousands of dollars in college athletic scholarship monies. 

Hello, my name is Rex Grayner.

For over 30 years, I've been involved in college athletics in one capacity or another.

I was a recruited college athlete, a coach, a college scout, and even a compliance representative at a NCAA Division I university.

In 2003, I founded a company called Student-Athlete Showcase because I was passionate about leading athletes to college. 


But over the years, the college recruiting process has changed dramatically.


Today, we have new NCAA recruiting rules, stiffer competition, more confusion and a TON of bad information out there.

And as college costs continue to rise each year, more and more parents, athletes and coaches are asking critical questions about athletic scholarships


Which is why I created this FREE guide...


4 Simple Tools to Help Unlock Athletic Scholarships


Athletic Scholarships USA

Rex Grayner has over 30 years experience in all aspects of college athletics – as a college athlete, club coach, recruiting expert, NCAA compliance, Division I administration, public speaker & author.


He holds a Master’s Degree in Sports Management from Central Michigan University and an English degree from University of California, San Diego.


Rex’s passion is leading student-athletes to the college level. In 2003, he founded Student Athlete Showcase and has helped tens of thousands of athletes & parents successfully navigate the college recruitment process.

​In this free guide, I'm going to share what I've discovered over the years and save you the trouble of trying to figure it out on your own. These are 4 simple things you can do today to better position yourself for college scholarship offers: 

  1. The first tool every athlete needs if they want college coaches to take them seriously. 

  2. The most common (and COSTLY) mistake kids make in their college recruiting videos.

  3. How to cut through the noise when it comes to emailing college coaches.

  4. The key to staying focused on your athletic scholarship goals when nothing seems to be working! 


Athletic Scholarships USA
Athletic Scholarships USA

DEAN, Parent

Rex's experience is invaluable. If you're a parent with an athlete who dreams of earning a college scholarship, then don't hesitate to grab this info. You won't be sorry.

ASHLEY, Student Athlete

My parents and I really benefited from Mr. Grayner's knowledge and expertise. After we read his guide, we didn't think twice about calling him to help me market myself to college coaches. 

MATT, Coach

As a college coach, I appreciate the effort Rex is making to educate parents and athletes. He's been down this road. He's worked with thousand of recruits. He knows what he's talking about.

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