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Not getting enough college exposure?

Get more college recruiters to notice you with this simple formula.

Download this FREE guide today and learn how to leverage more recruiting interest from college coaches.

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Not getting enough college exposure?

Download this FREE training today and receive:

Not getting enough college exposure?
  • 18-Minute Video explains a step by step whiteboard strategy for helping your athlete increase college exposure.

  • Printable e-book so you can read along and share with others.

  • Color-coded diagram to help implement this proven system for maximizing college exposure!

Not getting enough college exposure?

Meet the A​uthor of this Guide


Rex Grayner has over thirty years experience in college athletics – as a college athlete, club coach, recruiting expert, NCAA compliance, Division I administration, public speaker & published author. He holds a Master’s Degree in Sports Management from Central Michigan University and an English degree from University of California, San Diego.


Rex’s passion is leading student-athletes to the college level. In 2003, he founded Student Athlete Showcase and has helped thousands of athletes & parents successfully navigate the college recruitment process.


Rex resides in Parker, Colorado with his wife Kristin and their two children, Reed & Olivia.

This FREE Training Guide Reveals:

Your child’s college choice is not a 4-year decision. It’s a lifetime decision.


Which means having a solid game plan is key to reducing college costs and securing their future athletic opportunities. 


Your athlete gets recruited once. Your recruiting window is now. Start by getting educated in order to maximize options and find the best college fit for your student-athlete.

  • Exposure... the 3 things that define exposure and why they play such an important role in the college recruitment process.

  • 6 Tools every college-bound athlete needs to generate national exposure.

  • How to incorporate these tools no matter where you are at in the process... freshman, sophomore, junior... even senior year.

  • The simple formula for turning 2-3 college opportunities into 20 to 30 or more!


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